Learn To Write Using Salt

For some students, the practice it takes to learn to write can be tedious. Instead of overwhelming them with worksheets and homework, Amanda Morgan of No Time For Flash Cards suggests getting creative with practice drills. One that has really worked for her is salt writing.

Supplies You'll Need
- Table salt (play sand, sugar, etc. would also work)
- Jelly roll pan

Fill the jelly roll pan with a thick layer of salt. Provide your student with a pencil, marker, or other graphic art tool (NOTE: You may also consider letting them use their finger to draw!) and invite them to practice making shapes, letters, etc. in the salt. Not only is this more exciting than completing a traditional worksheet, it provides students with a fun sensory experience as they practice! With this learning tool, you could:

  • Give students the freedom to practice on their own.
  • Split students into pairs and have them try 'mirroring' each others' shapes, figures, letters, etc.
  • Work with students one-on-one, inviting them to copy the objects that you create.

To "erase" the salt shapes and letters, all you have to do is gently shake the jelly roll pan back and forth and you're ready to have some more fun!

The Writing in the Salt « Not Just Cute

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