Last Minute Lorax Printables

Dr. Seuss Preschool Printables
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Last year, Madonna of A Teaching Mommy, put together a Lorax pre-kinder unit filled with loads of fun printable activities and was gracious enough to provide the download at her blog for FREE! If you're still working on your Seuss unit, or keep an inspiration folder for next years plans, we recommend checking it out! Counting, number recognition, pre-writing, and more - our favorite activity is the truffula tree patterning.

For your preschoolers who are just starting out, Madonna provides truffula tree tiles and a page of AABB patterning templates that your students can copy. Once they get the hang of it, invite them to use the patterning tiles to replicate the patterns on their own as well as try their hand at creating other patterns! [NOTE: As an extension, especially if your students haven't had much experience with patterning, you might consider making more practice mats - AB, AAB, ABC, etc.]

Don't forget to visit A Teaching Mommy for this amazing download!