Ladybug Counting Cards for Spring!

Spring Math Counting Preschool Printable
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In our search for fun spring activities, we stumbled across a new (to us!) site, Mr. Printables, and fell in love with their ladybug counting flash cards! The graphics are simply adorable and the homemade ladybug envelope adds a cutesy touch. We know your kiddos will have a blast using these spring themed flash cards!

Uses for these fantastic flash cards...

  • Laminate the cards, punch a hole at the top, and collect them with a binder ring, creating a flip book for individual counting practice.
  • Print two sets, laminate them, and invite your kiddos to play a game of concentration or 'Go Fish!'
  • Cut the cards apart, separating the numbers from the ladybugs, and invite your kiddos to use their counting/numeral recognition skills to make the appropriate matches. [NOTE: Students can complete this activity independently, or you might try a group exercise; placing the pieces in a paper bag, inviting each student to draw a piece, and then race to find their match.]
  • Set out the flash cards with mini red craft pom poms, inviting students to use a clothespin or tongs to place a puff on each ladybug as they count. {Great for one-to-one correspondence and fine motor development!}
  • Use the cards to introduce simple addition and subtraction.

These are just a few of the ways you can use these incredible ladybug counting cards. Be sure to visit Mr. Printables for the download - and peruse their other resources while you're there!