Keys To Student Organization

An unorganized student can’t keep up during lectures, forgets about homework assignments that are due, and has a greater tendency to get a failing grade. To reiterate, these students fail, not because they lack the mental capacity to make the grade, but because they don’t have the resources to stay organized. We Are Teachers blog contributors have published a list of twenty-seven tips for helping your students to stay efficient, and therefore, engaged in classroom learning. Here are a few of their helpful suggestions. Managing Due Dates

Use the resources available to you. If you’re computer savvy, create a blog or classroom homepage where you can post supplemental lecture notes, as well as, upcoming assignments and due dates. A personal teacher Twitter page will also allow you keep parent or student followers up-to-date. If you feel uncomfortable posting your classroom’s happenings on the internet create a similar system using calendar printouts and email reminders. Effectively managing classroom due dates is a part of the learning process and teaches children to be responsible, but as a teacher, be sure to equip them with the tools necessary to be successful.

Organizing Papers, Handouts, and Notes

Color-coded supplies are a great way to keep your students organized. Request that they purchase specific supplies such as a red binder for science and labs, a green folder for math, etc. Help each student label each folder and instruct them to use one side for homework and the other for notes and returned assignments.

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