Jungle Animal Silhouette Matching

Problem Solving Matching Game Preschool Printable
Photo Source: preschool2prek.blogspot.com

We just recently stumbled across Measured in Moments and thought this animal themed matching activity Sandra created would be a great compliment to your summer activities... perhaps as a supplement to a zoo unit or field trip! Great for improving memory, strengthening problem solving skills, and teaching critical thinking, we know your kiddos will love the quirky clip art and will have fun working to create the correct matches.

A few suggestions...

  • Use the cards to play a game - i.e. Concentration, Go Fish!, etc.
  • Add in a lesson on patterning, using the cards to create various combinations - i.e. AB, ABC, AABB, etc.
  • Place the cards in a paper bag, mix them up and invite each student to select one. On your count, invite you students to find their classmate who holds the match to their card.
  • Create a file folder game, securing one set of cards to the folder and inviting students to take turns matching the second set.

For this adorable download, be sure to visit Measured in Moments!