Jelly Bean Counting Game

Easter Counting and Color Recognition Math Game Preschool Printable
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Lisa over at Criss-Cross Applesauce created this great Easter game that will have your preschoolers practicing color word recognition, counting, and other early math skills. Not to mention, working with tasty manipulatives! Plus, since Lisa provides the game boards and game cards for FREE over at her blog, all you'll need to do is supply the jelly beans!

Here's how it works...

Each student selects a game board and 20 jelly beans from the bag, sorting them by color on their game mat. [NOTE: The number of each color does not matter.] Taking turns, each student is invited to select a game card and identify what jelly bean(s) to add to their basket. Each game card features one or two jelly bean cutouts with a color word printed on it/them, telling your preschoolers what color as well as how many candies to add to the basket on their game mat. The student who fills his or her basket first, wins!

Easy peasy! To grab a copy of this fun Easter game, be sure to visit Criss-Cross Applesauce!