It's Raining in Preschool Activity

We've finally entered spring; trading snow and blustery temperatures for warmer weather, sunshine, and rain. Because not every spring day can be perfect, make a plan for days when your preschoolers are stuck inside. Shirley's Preschool Activities page offers many great ideas. One particular activity actually takes advantage of a rainy day with the creation of a rain gauge. Minimal preparation is required; simply gather a large plastic pop bottle and a pair of scissors. Gather the children around and talk about rainstorms, the importance of rain, etc. while you remove the bottle lid, measure about a third from the top, and use the scissors to cut around the circumference of the bottle to make two pieces.

Ask your preschoolers to brainstorm good locations for your rain gauge. Make sure it is in a place that you and your class can access easily each week as you check the rain's progress. While your students may not be able to complete one themselves, as a class, keep a chart of weekly measurements. This is a great way to introduce them to 'visual data' and can be extended to show them how much rain your area gets each month, per season, etc.

Make a Rain Gauge Activity