Independence Day Multi-Skill Printables

4th of July and Independence Day Preschool Printables
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If you're looking for extra activities to extend your Independence Day fun, check out this awesome preschool pack created by Pam of Over the Big Moon! With tons of worksheets - covering a broad range of skills - we're certain you'll find something that fits into your lesson plans! While you'll have to visit Over the Big Moon for the download (and for the full set of activities), here's a sneak peek at two of our favorite worksheets...

Which One is Different?

Sharpening your kiddos' visual discrimination skills, Pam provides two worksheets {chock full of adorably patriotic clip art!} that invite students to determine which picture in each group is different from the rest! Your students will feel like little detectives as they observe colors, examine picture orientation, and look for other clues in order to find which object doesn't match

{F is for Fireworks} Letter Identification

Since Pam used a fireworks theme, the packet's focus letter is, Ff. Provided with a worksheet full of letter bubbles, students are invited to identify and color all of the upper and lower case F's. We think this is a fantastic way to build letter recognition and visual discrimination!

For these fun, colorful activities - and lots of other great exercises - be sure to visit Over the Big Moon for the download!