If I Were President... Drawing Page

President's Day Social Studies Preschool Printable

President's Day is a great time to introduce your preschoolers to important the historical figures that have shaped our nation. It also provides a fun segue for talking to your kiddos about their futures, their dreams, and perhaps, even about what they might do if they were President of the United States! This cutesy patriotic printable offers your students space to explore this last topic - to draw what their first action would be if elected president.

While you might start out this exercise with a discussion of what a president's job description is, allow your preschoolers to explore their creativity as well. If their first action would be to institute "taco Tuesdays" at the White House, so be it. Encourage them to have fun with it, but also invite them to consider their interests, dreams for the future, and ideas for what they want their world to be like. [NOTE: Be sure to have your kiddos explain their drawings and have the write about it (or help them write about it) on the back of the printable.]

If I Were President... Drawing Page

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