Ice Cream Funky Font Letter Sort!

Ice Cream Funky Font Letter Sort!

Sounds like a mouth-full, right?! This cute ice cream theme exercise is actually quite simple and will help your preschoolers build letter recognition and visual discrimination skills as they "build" colorful {construction paper!} ice cream sundaes!

  1. Using the ice cream sundae template and pieces of construction paper in "ice cream" colors {i.e. pink, tan, mint green, etc}, we used word processing software to create sundae bowls labeled with each letter of the alphabet {being certain to include both upper and lower cases}, as well as scoops of ice cream that displayed the same upper and lower case letters in various funky fonts.
  2. With the bowls and scoops cut out and mixed around, your kiddos will have a fantastic time matching each ice cream scoop to its appropriate bowl and building towering alphabet ice cream sundaes!

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Ice Cream Funky Font Letter Sort!

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