“I Can Color…” Coloring Page

homemade coloring page with Christmas graphics
Photo Source: activitymom.blogspot.com

While coloring may seem 'unimportant', it is actually quite fundamental to future writing success. As your preschoolers complete coloring pages, they learn the proper way to grasp a writing tool and about proper hand position, while also strengthening hand muscles and fine motor control.

The wonderful thing about coloring is that it's a complimentary activity - it can be combined with other concepts to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience! The "I Can Color..." coloring page, created by Nicole at The Activity Mom, is a great way to teach your preschoolers about following directions, while strengthening color recognition and (more importantly!) retaining the fun of a coloring exercise!

Worksheet Extension

While students will get plenty of practice as they complete the exercise, you might also consider having your preschoolers cut the individual cards apart and create their very own color book. Be sure to print the worksheets onto sturdy card stock (to minimize the 'wavy' effect when glued), then provide students with construction paper in assorted colors, scissors, and glue sticks, inviting them to mount the individual pages onto construction paper. [NOTE: It provides extra practice if students must match the color of the construction paper to the color on the page.]

If you have a classroom assistant (or parent/student volunteers), have them laminate each students' booklet pages, punch a hole in the top corner, and secure the pages together with a binder ring. Otherwise, skip the laminating, providing students with a hole punch and binder ring to use in assembling their own booklet. These booklets make wonderful review tools!

Be sure to visit The Activity Mom for the download and lots of other great resources!

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