How to Incorporate Poetry Into Your Classroom

Unlike picture books, it can sometimes be difficult to grab your students' attention with poetry. Tonya Wright, creator of the blog Room To Grow, has some wonderful tips that will help make poetry an integral part of your classroom.

  1. Despite short attention spans, poems themselves are short and can be a wonderful alternative for those students that are easily distracted. As with anything, you don't want to overdo it. Learn to pick up on the warning signs of boredom and know your students' limit. You can always explore the illustrations or talk about the funny imagery instead of reading another poem.
  2. To really help your students get into the poem and demonstrate their comprehension, read a short poem and ask them to illustrate it.
  3. Have your students make up their own silly rhymes. As they explore words and phonetic awareness, they are building the foundation for future reading skills.
  4. Create a 'poetry theater' where children are encouraged to act out the scenes in the poem.

For more great ideas, check out Wright's tips and poem resource page! It's never too late to help your students appreciate poetry.

Room to Grow: Making Early Childhood Count!: Peeking In On Poetry: 7 Tips for Using Poetry with Young Children

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