Homemade Wrapping Paper

There are many occasions throughout the year that call for creative gifts and packaging. While Father's Day comes around after school has already let out, don't let your students go home empty handed. Help them to plan ahead for this special celebration with some homemade wrapping paper.

  1. Start out with a brown Kraft paper roll or turn over a roll of existing wrapping paper so that the plain white side is face up.
  2. Provide your students with the following supplies for decorating: colorful scrapbook and art tissue paper, kid's craft scissors, washable craft glue, paint pens, Crayola washable markers, craft glitter, etc. Encourage them to create a meaningful scene, a vibrant pattern, or other design.
  3. Be sure to help them print "Happy Father's Day" across the front or work it into their creative patterns.

Every father will love this thoughtful gift packaging and students will be happy to have a head start on their gifts for the special holiday!

The Activity Mom: Wrapping Paper Activity

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