Homemade Stamps

For students who are attempting to master shapes, creating homemade stamps out of potatoes and other vegetables is a fun way to learn. The night before, collect an assortment of fruits and vegetables. These can include, but are not limited to, potatoes, apples, cucumbers, oranges, and lemons. Cut each of the items in half and leave them to sit out overnight. Because this project involves the use of a knife, it is best for an adult to cut out the shapes to be used for stamping. Combine basic shapes (i.e. circle, square, triangle, octagon) with other fun, more decorative shapes. Once again, these can include, but are not limited to: stars, hearts, shamrocks, fish, a moon, a sun, smiley faces, or flowers. Place your completed ‘stamps’ onto trays, grouping each by type of fruit or vegetable used for the base. Prepare shallow bowls of paint in assorted colors providing a set for each group of four students. As the children play with different stamps and colors, work on shape identification. Have your students make connections between objects as well (i.e. the smiley face is made from a circle, etc.). As an added bonus, have your students observe and describe the texture differences between each of the base mediums. Not only does this activity provide a fun way to learn, your students’ colorful artwork can be hung around the classroom as decoration!

Potato Prints Activities for Toddlers | Toddler Craft

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