Homemade Sensory Bottles for Your Toddler Classroom

A great way to add color, introduce your students to various materials, and provide a stimulating sensory experience during play time in your toddler classroom is to make a variety of sensory bottles. Jenn, creator of the blog Delicious Ambiguity, shares her thoughts and insights on this project.

Literacy Bottle

Go to your local craft or teacher supply store for some alphabet confetti or other water-resistant letters. Fill an empty plastic bottle with water (about three-quarters full) and add a few drops of corn syrup. Add letters and shake well. Students can roll this on a flat surface and try to find each of the letters of the alphabet. Science Sensory Bottle

In this bottle, students will be able to explore the effects of static electricity. Tear small pieces of Styrofoam and brightly colored art tissue paper, filling a completely dry plastic bottle halfway. Have your students rub the bottle on the carpet (or try rubbing it in their hair) and observe the reaction.

Other Bottle Ideas
- Calming Glitter Bottle
- Lava Bottle
- Bubble Bottle
- Starry Night Bottle

Be sure to visit Jenn's site for instructions and ideas for classroom integration!

Delicious Ambiguity: Sensory Bottles

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