Homemade - Sea Shells I-Spy Bottle

Homemade Summer I-Spy Bottle Kids Craft
Photo Source: 4herreras.blogspot.com
Time for Play offers a fantastic way to switch up your homemade I-spy bottles for summer - add sea shells! Found at your local craft store or collected on your beach vacation, all you'll need is a recycled plastic bottle {most likely a sports drink bottle with a wide mouth that will fit the large sea shells} and "treasure" for your kiddos to hunt down to complete the activity!

Ideas for "Treasure"

With these safely hidden, consider providing your kiddos with a reusable checklist {i.e. a laminated list that can be used with dry erase markers} so that they can keep track of the items they've already found as well as the items they should be searching for. Have them complete the activity with variations. For example, you might invite your kiddos to search for the items in alphabetical order or identify the beginning sound of the found item and name another object/word with the same sound, etc.

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