Homemade Lacing Tools

Lacing activities help build your preschoolers fine motor skills. Here are some simple items you can keep around for practice and fun!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled paper rolls (toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half)
- Paper punch
- Craft paint
- Kids paint brush
- Yarn or string
- Plastic lacing needle Begin by punching random holes in the recycled paper tubes. Using a paint brush and craft paint, add color to the tubes and set aside to dry. Cut a piece of yarn for each tube. Length doesn't matter, but provide enough so that students can reach all of the holes without getting frustrated. When not in use, Jenn of Totally Tots suggests wrapping the yarn around wooden clothespins color coded to match a specific tube so that the yarn won't get tangled and student's can practice color matching. Set the dried paper rolls and yarn wrapped clothespins in a basket along with several plastic lacing needles and invite your students to give it a try!

Totally Tots: Simply Made ~ Lacing Tools