Homemade Gifts for Father's Day

Looking to give your students a helpful head-start for Father's Day? Sherri Osborn, guide for the family crafts section of About.com, has compiled a wonderful list of gift ideas that are sure to please!

Coupon Book for Dad

A great way for your students to show their father that they appreciate them is with homemade 'action' coupons. Invite each child to think of five things they know their father would like (e.g. "Take out the trash", "Mow the lawn", "A hug", "Breakfast in bed", etc.). On card stock, print off five blank coupons (from the template provided) for each student and help them pen the gift actions and activities onto the paper. Give each student two additional card stock pieces, cut just bigger than the coupons themselves, and invite them to create unique front and back covers. Encourage them to write a personal message to their father.

Binding the Coupon Book:

  • Use a 2-hole punch along the left side and tie a piece of ribbon or yarn through it to hold the pages together.
  • Use a stapler along the left edge.
  • Use a 2-hole punch in both left corners and fasten the book with brads.

For more great ideas, be sure to follow the link back to Osborn's original post!

Home-Made Gift Ideas for Dad - Home-Made father's Day Gift Ideas

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