Helping Students Get Organized - No Desks, No Problem!

Organizational Tools and Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
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In order to better facilitate learning in the classroom, many educators opt to forgo traditional desks in order to incorporate tables in the classroom design. While tables promote community and cooperative learning, as well as flexible seating, one thing they lack is space for students to store and organize their supplies. Of course, even if you do have desks, sometimes the abundance of notebooks, workbooks, folders, tools, and manipulatives makes it difficult for your students to keep their desks in order and find materials when they're needed. Enter this great storage/organizational solution from Tools for Great Teachers!

If you have the space for it, a clear storage bin for each of the students in your class can actually help promote fewer misplaced materials and faster transitions! Not only is it a great way to corral small materials (e.g. math counters, vocabulary flash cards, calculators, etc.), materials that tend to get 'eaten' when shoved into a desk with larger, heavier books and such, it's also a great way to help your kiddos keep their materials organized from day to day - especially if you have them place workbooks and folders in order in which they'll be used!

Tools for Great Teachers is a wonderful resource - be sure to visit for more tips and tricks!