Help Your Kiddos Master Shapes! (with FREE printables)

Learning Shapes - Shape Monster Game
Photo Source: Lory's 2nd Grade Skills

Mastering all the different shapes can sometimes be tricky for students. Help your kiddos master their shapes with the wonderful ideas Lory put together over at Lory's 2nd Grade Skills! In addition to the fun Shape Muncher game shown above, Lory provides the following resources (all as FREEbies!):

  • Shapes! Shapes! Shapes! Book
  • Tangram Puzzles
  • Shape Posters
  • Silly Shapes Game
  • Captain Invincible Shape Scavenger Hunt (homework idea)
  • Mystery Pictures

There is sure to be something in there to engage all the students in your class! Your kiddos will have their shapes mastered in no time. Be sure to head over to Lory's 2nd Grade Skills to check out the wonderful FREE resources she provides for this subject!