"Hearts Everywhere!" - Valentine's Day Interactive Emergent Reader

Valentine's Day Literacy Emergent Reader Preschool Printable
Photo Source: chapelhillsnippets.blogspot.com

We found another great post this week while perusing Chapel Hill Snippets - an interactive emergent reader to help your preschoolers practice the positional word "on" and brush up on the focus sight word "the". Not only that, it's Valentine's Day themed and would be a great addition to your literacy center this month!

As students read the various pages of the booklet...

"Hearts on the table."

"Hearts on the wall."

and so on...

...Invite them to fill in an accompanying sentence strip with the provided picture cards in order to make their sentence match the one on the page. This will provide them with extra exposure to the new words and, by recreating the sentences themselves, will hopefully provide an extra help for remembering the new concepts.

To download this free booklet and activity, be sure to visit Chapel Hill Snippets!