Heart Health Month - Nutritious Foods vs. 'Junk' Food Printable Sorting Activity

Heart Health Month Food Sorting Activity

As you teach your kiddos about their heart - how it works, how and why to keep it healthy, etc. - you'll likely want to incorporate a lesson on the food pyramid and healthy eating habits. Most students have been introduced to and know the difference between nutritious food choices and those that are considered 'junk' foods, but as a way to reinforce both known and learned concepts, this sorting activity provides a great review!

The activity is simple. Invite students to cut out the food pictures, then sort and paste them in the proper category - "Nutritious Food" or "Junk Food".

Activity Variations

  1. Provide each student with a sorting mat and recycled magazine, inviting them to find, cut, and paste their own food pictures to each category.
  2. Create several reusable class sets to use for center work. Simply print and laminate several sorting mats, placing each on onto a cookie sheet, then print, cut, and laminate the food cards, adding a small magnet strip to the back of each. The food cards will stick to sorting mat as students place them in the appropriate column, but can easily be removed when the activity is complete.
  3. Forget the printables altogether and create a game that gets your kiddos out of their seats and moving around! After dividing your class into two teams, provide each team with a set of sorting mats and a basket of food cards. Clear a safe path for each team, setting the sorting mats on a table at the front of the classroom and the baskets of food cards in the desk area. Have each team line up and invite the first two players from each team to;
    • Select a food card from the basket.
    • Individually identify whether the food on the card drawn is a nutritious food or a junk food.
    • Run to their teams' sorting mats and place the card on the appropriate mat.
    • Return to their team and go to the back of the line.
    When their teammate has returned, the next player in line will complete the same process and, the first team to empty their basket and have all the food cards sorted correctly, wins! We like this option, not only because it's a great way to review, but it also reinforces the other component of heart health - active play and exercise!

Heart Health Month - Nutritious Foods vs. 'Junk' Food Printable Sorting Activity


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Customer Reviews

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Marisa Hird (Aurora, US)

I got this for my health unit and like it

Lori Dresher (Harrisburg, US)
Great preschool activity

My preschool class enjoyed this activity. It was age appropriate, and they were able to identify the foods pictured.

Jamie Leckey (Riverview, US)

I like that they have foods my lower income students will know.

Kirsten Hill (Winnipeg, CA)


Jade Cerioglu (London, GB)