Hand Print Octopus

If you've followed the Egg Carton Sea Creatures Series, here is a great way to continue the sea life fun (or introduce it)!

Supplies You'll Need
- Blue construction paper
- Craft paint
- Paint brush
- Wiggle eyes
- Green art tissue paper
- Wonderfoam sea animals
- Craft glue

Provide each of your students with a piece of construction paper and a shallow container of paint (in the color of their choice). Instruct them to use a paint brush to cover the palm of their hand with a light coat of paint, then press it to the middle of the paper. Since one hand print can only create five 'legs', invite your students to re-paint three of their fingers and press them to the paper creating an eight-legged creature! As the paint dries, have your students tear or cut the green tissue paper and glue it to their paper to create seaweed. If you desire, have them add glitter to punch it up. Lastly, invite them to glue wiggle eyes onto their octopus and provide them with Wonderfoam sea creatures and glue to complete their sea scene!

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman: Handprint Octopus

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