Halloween BINGO Cards

Fine Motor Halloween Game Preschool Printable
Photo Source:attemptingaloha.blogspot.com

Need a quick party game for your classroom Halloween celebration? Check out these Halloween themed BINGO cards from Charlie at Attempting Aloha. There are 10 unique cards, perfect for a small game station at your class party, and they'll be having so much fun that your kiddos won't even notice that they're learning - strengthening fine motor coordination and building vocabulary. [NOTE: If you have more than ten kiddos playing at a time, no sweat, you'll just end up with multiple winners at once!]

Be sure to have fun with the game markers too! You might use...

  • Candy corn
  • Small plastic spiders {and/or other Halloween themed objects}
  • Halloween themed erasers
  • Mini black, orange, purple, and lime green craft pom poms
  • Corn kernels
  • Popcorn
  • Orange and black jelly beans {or another candy like M&Ms or Skittles}
  • Halloween confetti
  • Etcetera!

Be sure to visit Attempting Aloha for this super fun Halloween party game printable!