Great Father's Day Keepsake

Max and Ellie provide a great idea for hand print art; perfect timing for Father's Day! While it's relatively simple to complete, this project will be a great keepsake for any relative!

Supplies You'll Need
- 2 coordinating colors of crafting paper
- Kids scissors
- Pencil
- White card stock
- Tape
- Picture frame

Prepare for the project by cutting pieces of white card stock to the exact size of the picture frames and by making heart templates for your students to trace. For the craft, begin by tracing each child's hand print onto the back of a piece of colored crafting paper. Invite them to carefully cut it out, then trace and cut out a heart from the other coordinating color of crafting paper. Demonstrate how to apply a small dab of craft glue on the back of the heart and position it in the center of the newly cut hand print, pressing lightly so that it will adhere.

Next, have your students brush a small amount of craft glue onto the back of the paper hand print and stick it to the pre-sized piece of white card stock. Invite your students to use markers or a nice pen to write their name and age at the bottom of the print. After everything has dried, the final step will be to place the print into a frame, taping it if necessary. A fantastic gift for Father's Day!

Max and Ellie: Hearts & Handprints

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