Great Crafts for Toddlers

Many toddler teachers find themselves frustrated when a lesson or art project fails due to skill disparities, attention spans, or timing. Michelle Rasey, contributor to Suite 101, provides several easy toddler crafts that are sure to please!

Homemade Foam Paint

For a spectacular sensory experience, combine equal parts shaving cream and craft glue with finger paint (adding as much finger paint as needed to make the desired color). The puffy foam paint creates a great three-dimensional effect when dry. Glue Trails and More Provide your toddlers with various arts & crafts supplies (e.g. feathers, pom poms, tissue squares, etc.). Squeeze a trail of craft glue onto a piece of construction paper and invite your students to cover the glue with fun materials.

For more great toddler craft ideas, check out Rasey's full article at Suite 101!

Toddler Art Activities - Six Easy Crafts for Toddlers

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