Fun with Plastic Buttons

Plastic buttons offer many options for little learners. Go to your local craft store or search online teacher supply stores for packages of assorted shapes, colors, and sizes. They may seem a bit expensive, but they're so versatile that it quickly makes up for it. Once you've picked out the perfect buttons, here are a few activities you may want to try. Sorting

Encourage your preschoolers to sort the button based on color, shape, or size. When they've familiarized themselves with these concepts, try compound sorting (i.e. sort first by size, then by color, etc.)


Starting with a piece of card stock, pick ten unique buttons and trace them onto the paper. If you wish to keep this activity on the shelf, laminate the 'game board' to prevent wear and tear. Have your students match each button to their shape.


Find a divided container and label each section with a number (1 through 9). Have your students count out the correct number of buttons for each section.

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The Activity Mom: Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

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