Fun With Ping Pong Balls

As a teacher, the goal is to mix up daily activities and crafts so that children explore different mediums and ways of doing things. A great tool for both art and active exercises are ping pong balls. Sherry Hutton and Donna Burns are preschool teachers who believe that play-based learning allows children to develop naturally and exponentially and have shared several 'irresistible ideas' for learning with ping pong balls. Ping Pong Art

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to work together to create a colorful mural. Covering a large table with bulletin board paper, have your students dunk pink pong balls into craft paint and use drinking straws to blow them around on the paper. This activity is sure to bring lots of laughs and fun!

Ping Pong Races

Using a table with sides or building your own 'bumpers' around the table's edge, create a race track for ping pong balls. Have students use a drinking straw to blow the ball down the track and over the finish line. To make things more challenging, add blocks to create an obstacle course. This activity offers a chance for exciting, hands-on play that is sure to be a hit with your students!

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