Fun with Complimentary Colors

Now that you've explored the color wheel and discussed the concepts of opposite or complimentary colors, here's a great application activity designed by Faige Kobre, creator of "Educational Art Thoughts" blog, to ensure student comprehension. Have the children paint a scene following specific directions; a yellow sun, green grass, blue sky, red house, purple tree trunks, and orange leaves for the trees. Once completed, instruct them to create the same picture by painting objects with their color opposites. For older children you may choose to provide a color wheel as a helpful reminder, but let them complete the activity on their own. In a classroom of smaller children, it may be desirable to list objects on the board and decide as a class which colors should be used. Either way, your students will gain a better understanding of complimentary colors when they're able to view the pictures side by side.

Educational Art Thoughts » Kids Painting: Learning Opposite Colors

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