Froggie Printables from Home Education Resources

Leap Day Frog Theme Math and Writing Preschool Printables
Photo ©2004 noodlemaps, Flickr

Are you looking forward to celebrating Leap Day with your kiddos? It only comes around once every 4 years and it's kind of fun to have the opportunity to introduce the phenomenon to your little ones. If you're planning to make a day of it, consider including these great printables from Home Education Resources in your lesson plan. The activities are simple, frog themed {of course!}, and will be right up your kiddos' alley!

Froggie Prewriting Practice

Part coloring page, part tracing worksheet, this printable will help your kiddos refine some of the crucial strokes and hand movements needed for forming letters - vertical lines, slanted lines, U-shapes, and even circles. 

Froggie Counting

Help your kiddos brush up on their counting and numeral writing skills with this colorful froggie worksheet - students first determine the number of frogs in the box, then practice writing the corresponding numeral on the line below it. As an extension, consider inviting your students to place a sticker on each frog as they count - promoting the concept of one to one correspondence - or even separating the frog cards from the tracing lines and inviting students to match the parts together before practicing numeral writing.

Be sure to visit Home Education Resources for these great worksheets... and stick around, they have lots of great printables that we're sure your kiddos will love!