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Listening Skills and Following Directions Preschool Printables
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Renee of School Sparks has done it again! In her newest 33-page {FREE} e-book, she provides both parents and educators with great tips and exercises to help their kiddos strengthen listening skills. Not only do we love her activity suggestions - great games like "Simon Says" and "Solve These Clues!" - we love the worksheets she created that promote better listening and following directions

Worksheet Overview

  • Listening To Clues.Renee provides a series of seven worksheets that invite students to listen as you read aloud an instruction then complete the task.
  • Identifying Left & Right.A second series of worksheets invites students to listen once again as instructions are given aloud, then circle the correct object - left or right.
  • Process of Elimination. In these exercises, a total of five worksheets, students listen as clues are read aloud then eliminate the objects that don't fit until they guess the answer.
  • Following Multi-Step Instructions. As an advanced listening exercise, Renee designed five worksheets that invite students to listen to multiple directions at one time then complete the tasks.

Be sure to visit School Sparks for this fabulous resource and, while you're there, check out the other free printables Renee has designed!