Fragrant Necklaces

As Mother's Day is fast approaching, you might be scrambling for a fun gift idea to complete with your students. Melissa, stay-at-home mom and creator of Chasing Cheerios, provides a wonderful opportunity for children to appreciate nature, practice fine motor skills, and learn about patterning without having to even use things like pattern blocks. Supplies You'll Need
- Flower petals and leaves (real ones are nice, but will not keep as long)
- Yarn
- Blunt needle

In preparation, thread a blunt needle with yarn (one for each of your students) and separate the flowers and leaves from their stems. Before beginning, talk to your students about what a pattern is and demonstrate the task they'll be undertaking. Remind them to be careful when using the needle. After instructions, encourage them to pick out their own petals and begin! In some cases this may be a trying task, but make yourself available to students who need help. Your students will be proud to give their mother such a beautiful necklace!

Chasing Cheerios: Petals & Leaves Necklace