Fractionpillars' Math Craftivity

Math Craftivity for Kids - Fractionpillars
Photo Source: Common to the Core

How stinkin' cute are these fraction caterpillars, or more accurately, fractionpillars that were featured by Dana over at Common to the Core?!? We love the play on words and what a cute way to introduce your kiddos to fractions this Spring.



Assorted color pom poms

Construction paper

Hot glue gun


Wiggle Eyes

Fraction worksheet

Provide each of your kiddos with a piece of construction paper and allow them to choose 5 pom poms in three different colors (you could vary the number of poms if you're wanting to make a larger caterpillar).

Then, place a strip of hot glue onto the construction paper and have your students glue down their pom poms in any order they choose. They can then use a marker to draw on legs and antennae, gluing on a wiggle eye when they're all finished.

With the fractionpillar complete, have your students fill out a pre-printed worksheet documenting the color fractions represented by their cute little bug. You can easily recreate the worksheet in a word processing program! It should go something like this:

1. _____ out of _____ are _____ (and then include a box for writing the actual fraction)

When Dana's class was finished, she displayed their creations on her bulletin board. A super cute Spring display!

Bulletin Board Display - Fractionpillars
Photo Source: Common to the Core

Be sure to stop by Common to the Core to scope out Dana's incredible blog soon!