Flowers Made From Recycled Magazines

Here's a great spring craft that incorporates recycling, symmetry, and of course, student ingenuity. Although Mother's Day has passed, these flowers made from recycled magazines would make a great card, could be placed in a home made vase, or wrapped up in art tissue paper to make a bouquet for mom (a little nudge for those planning ahead for next year).

Supplies You'll Need
- Magazines!
- Plastic lids, jars, CDs, and other round items for tracing (at least 3 sizes)
- Kids scissors
- Brass fasteners
- Craft glue Craft Preparation:
Have your students look through magazines for interesting color patterns, designs, and pictures. They'll be looking for two different kinds of pages; have them find at least one where the color has been printed to the edges of the page, then the rest of their selections can have smaller pictures, patterns, borders, etc.

The Stem:
The page with color to the edges will be used for the stem. Have your students roll it around their pencil, keeping the torn edge on the inside, then glue the loose end down to create a 'tube'. Punch a 1/8" hole at one end when the glue has dried.

The Petals and Leaves:
Have your students choose three round items of different sizes to trace onto their magazine pages and use scissors to cut them out. Instruct your students to fold their circles in half several times (as if they were making a paper snowflake) then cut petal shapes around the edges in various sizes and shapes. Students should then stack the circles, pushing a brass fastener through the center of the 'flower', the punched hole in the stem, and the card stock backing (if making a card). Leaves (optional) can be cut from the magazine scraps and glued to the stem.

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