Find the Color' Worksheets

Color Recognition Preschool Printable
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This packet of color worksheets from Mama's Learning Corner is a great way to help your preschoolers strengthen color and color word recognition skills. Nine printables in total - rainbow colors plus pink, brown, and black - your kiddos are sure to have a blast!

The gist...

Students are provided with a worksheet featuring various clip art pictures. First, they're invited to identify the color word {it's printed in the actual color to help with identification}, then look at each picture on the page to determine whether it matches the color listed. If it's the same, have your kiddos circle the picture. If it's different, instruct them to cross it out.

Great for center or quiet time practice - print the worksheets, place them in plastic document protectors, and have your kiddos use dry erase markers to complete the activity. Then, simply wipe the printables clean and they're ready for the next time!

For this awesome downloadable color packet, be sure to visit Mama's Learning Corner!