Feed the Turkeys Math Counting Mat

turkey worksheet
Photo Source: www.makinglearningfun.com

This festive turkey-themed math mat designed by Jo at Making Learning Fun makes a great addition to any preschool classroom this harvest/Thanksgiving season! Using the mat is simple enough:

Provide students with a laminated mat, die, and cup of dried corn kernels. Have students roll the die then "feed" the turkey the correct number of kernels. Students continue until they've fed all the turkeys.

Not only do students get good counting practice with this exercise, they develop fine motor skills as they grasp individual kernels of corn and transfer them from cup to mat!

Other Applications

baby block 1 Using a die only allows students to practice numbers one through six. Consider laminating the mats, then writing random numbers on each turkey with a dry erase marker. This will strengthen number recognition and allow students to practice counting to higher numbers as they "feed" the turkeys.
baby block 2 Laminate the worksheet, then cut the images apart, creating individual "turkey cards". Write random numbers on each turkey with a dry erase marker, providing a stack of numbered turkey cards to each student. [NOTE: This exercise is best completed one-on-one or in a small group.] Place a specific number of corn kernels into a shallow cup and place in front of the student. After counting the kernels, have the student sift through their stack of numbered turkey cards and select the corresponding number. Once they've made the correct match, repeat the process with a different number of kernels.
baby block 3 Add a gross motor component to the game by enlarging the worksheet images, cutting them apart, and gluing them to recycled cans. Carefully script a number onto each turkey, line them up on a table, and have students take turns "feeding" the turkeys by tossing craft pom pons into the cans. Whether successful or not, students will enjoy this adapted carnival game! [NOTE: If you find that tossing the pom pons is too hard, have students drop them into the cans. They'll have just as much fun!]

However you decide to use the worksheet, your students are sure to have fun! Be sure to visit Making Learning Fun for the download and many more great learning aids!

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