"Feed the Penguin" Preschool Game for Kids

Feed the Penguin Preschool Classroom Activity
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Here's another penguin-themed activity you can easily complete yourself to help your kiddos review important concepts you've covered in class (or at home)! This super cute winter-themed activity is provided by Linda over at Little Family Fun.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Assembling Penguin

Step 1: For the penguin body you will need a box (a great example would be a cracker box, or something similar in size) and several pieces of black, white and orange construction paper. Start by wrapping the box with black construction paper, adhering with glue. Be sure to leave the top of the box uncovered so you can easily retrieve the fish after the game has been played (it's also okay if the bottom is not covered)! Next, cut out an oval for the penguin's mouth using a knife, being sure it's large enough for the paper fish.

Step 1 Feed the Penguin Game Completed
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Step 2: Cut the penguin's beak out of orange construction paper (base the size of the beak on the box you chose). The beak should be a simple square with an oval cut in the middle on the diagonal. Then tape the beak onto the box over the oval hole you created in Step 1.

Step 2 Feed the Penguin Game Completed
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Step 3: Cut two oval shapes from black construction paper (again the sizing is based on the box you chose), fold at the top to create a flap and tape one to each side for the penguin's arms.

Step 3 Feed the Penguin Game Completed
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Step 4: Complete the penguin body by first gluing on large wiggle eyes. If you don't have wiggle eyes, create a simple pair of eyes with black and white construction paper! Then, cut an oval from white construction paper for the stomach and two feet from orange construction paper, adhering everything with glue.

Step 4 Feed the Penguin Game Completed
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Completing the Fish Game Pieces

Of course once the super cute penguin is all put together, you're going to need something to slip into his mouth! Linda created fish using construction paper in assorted colors (find a clip art fish image online and use it as your pattern to trace onto the construction paper). Then, cut the fish out and add a cute face with a permanent black marker (make sure the fish will fit into your penguin's mouth). Finally, add the concept you're wanting to review with the kids to each fish (one per fish). You could review anything from shapes, to letters, to numbers, to small words for older preschoolers. Be creative!

To keep the fish looking new for multiple uses, it might be a good idea to laminate them with something like clear contact paper!

Time to Play!

To play the game, children pick up the fish one-by-one. If they get it correct they can slip it into the penguin's mouth. At the end, empty the penguin to see how many they answered correctly. It might be fun to offer a reward such as a sticker if the child gets a certain number of questions correct!

Playing Feed the Penguin
Photo Soure: http://www.littlefamilyfun.com/

Once you've completed your activity, be sure to spend some time browsing around Linda's site. She has an amazing assortment of ideas available for every time of year!