Father's Day + Sheep = An Adorable Gift!

Cute Father's Day Craft and Gift Idea

Great Father's Day gift idea for your elementary students! Whether you teach kindergartners or fifth graders, this craft designed by Kathy Barbro of Art Projects for Kids is sure to please!

Supplies You'll Need
- Jumbo craft sticks (11 per child)
- Construction paper
- White twist ties
- Black Sharpie marker

To begin this project, provide your students with the allotted number of jumbo craft sticks and craft glue. Using two sticks as support bars, instruct your students to line up the other nine and glue them on top. Out of a white piece of construction paper, have your students cut out an oval for the sheep's body and glue it onto the craft stick base. Next comes the fun part. Provide your students with fifteen to sixteen twist ties and invite them to wrap each one around a pencil to create coils. The coils should then be glued onto the construction paper body to create three-dimensional curly hair. Out of black construction paper (or velour paper for more texture) have your students create the sheep's head and legs, positioning them onto the paper and gluing them in place.

Lastly, add the Father's Day message at the top with Sharpie marker - Barbro suggests "I Love Ewe Dad!" - and you've successfully created an adorable gift for dad!

Art Projects for Kids: “I Love Ewe” Father’s Day Gift

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