Father's Day Grill Apron

Help dad become a grillin' machine with this great Father's Day craft provided by Julie Williams of Education.com.

Supplies You'll Need
- Apron
- Fabric paint in assorted colors
- Kids paint brushes
- Crayola fabric markers

Before beginning this craft, create a clean-up station including a shallow tub of warm soapy water and paper towel (enough so that each child can use two sheets - one to wash and one to dry). Also provide a container with water for the paint brushes. Have your students lay their canvas aprons out onto their desk and use a pencil to draw a special message to their dad (e.g. "#1 Dad!", "He's A Grillin' Machine!", "World's Best Dad!", etc.). Invite your students to use the fabric markers or paint and a brush to neatly trace the letters in the color of their choice.

Next, help your students paint their hand with color and press it to the apron to make a hand print. Students can choose to do this multiple times or opt for a more simple design. Once the paint has dried, have your students sign their name and date the apron under their print.

Extension: Encourage your students to get their families in on the surprise. Provide them with a craft supply list so that each family member can add their hand print to the gift.

Make a Barbecue Apron for Dad | Activities | Education.com

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