Fall Tree Drawing Station

Fall Drawing Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: iheartprintsandpatterns.blogspot.com

Here's just a little something fun we found while perusing I Heart Prints and Patterns. Your kiddos will be amazed to find out there were so many unique ways to draw trees! Consider printing out these fun tree designs and placing them in a drawing center, inviting your little ones to...

  • Use tracing paper to trace the various trees
  • Pick their favorite graphic art tool and copy the tree designs

This could be a fabulous fall art project - have your preschoolers draw the trees onto watercolor paper with black pen, inviting them to create colorful fall trees with red, orange, yellow, and brown watercolor paint! You might also provide your kiddos with a 4 by 4 square of poster board and scraps of construction paper {or art tissue paper} in fall colors. Have them collage surface of the square with the paper scraps and use a black pen or marker to draw one of the tree designs.

Be sure to head on over to I Heart Prints and Patterns for these cool trees and lots of other fun prints!