Fall Leaf Match

Fall and Autumn Matching Preschool Printable
Photo Source: crayola.com

Strengthen your kiddos visual discrimination skills this fall with this simple leaf matching activity from Crayola. Armed with their favorite graphic art tools, invite your preschoolers to determine which leaves are the same and color the pairs with the same color. To spice up the activity, here are a few alternatives...

  • Glitter leaves. What preschooler doesn't like glitter?! Provide your kiddos with some fine motor practice by inviting them to "color" each pair with school glue and glitter! [NOTE: The finished leaves can then be cut out and strung together to create a festive garland or used as a bulletin board border!]
  • Noodle leaves. Have students crush up colored noodles/dyed pasta and collage their leaves with the pieces.
  • Tissue paper leaves. Invite your students to collage their leaves with scrap pieces of tissue paper.
We love the simplicity of the worksheet and think this makes a great fall themed center activity!