"Fabulous Faces!" - Interactive Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Back to School Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
Adapted using art selections from artabroad.blogspot.com

We found the original idea for this bulletin board over at Art Abroad, a blog created by elementary art teacher, Stephanie Melachrinos, and thought it would be a fantastic interactive "welcome back" bulletin board and "get-to-know you" activity for your new students {the whole "two birds with one stone" saying comes to mind!}.

Here's the gist...

Use the fabulous art lesson at Art Abroad to have your kiddos make self-portraits with paper on the first day of school {or with the help of their parents at "Meet the Teacher" night!}. Select several of the finished portraits to display on your bulletin board, along with a number, one through _____ {depends on how many posters fit on your bulletin board}. Create a worksheet, like the example below, inviting your students to fill in the names of their classmates. Display a second group of portraits the next day and repeat the activity until every student's portrait has been displayed. This is a great way for your kiddos to learn each others' names, as well as start to put names with faces! Back To School Activity for Kids

    "Fabulous Faces!" Bulletin Board

    • Background: Orange bulletin board paper (or another complimentary color of your choice!).
    • Title: "Fabulous Faces of _______________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, etc]!"
    • Border: Simple complimentary solid color border.
    • Decoration: Use your kiddos' self-portraits!

    Supplies for this bulletin board...

    • Orange bulletin board paper
    • Bulletin board letters
    • Black solid wavy trimmer
    • Construction paper in assorted colors
    • Kids scissors
    • Craft glue

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    P.s. Here's a picture of Stephanie's original display that inspired the design above...

    Art Room and Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: artabroad.blogspot.com

    She tacked a name card under each picture, creating flaps for students and teachers to flip up after they'd made a guess.

    "Fabulous Faces!" - Interactive Back To School Bulletin Board Idea


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