Extended "My Counting Book" Activity!

Literacy and Math Preschool Printable After giving it some more thought, we updated yesterday's simple counting book printable to include several more learning elements for a more challenging activity. {Perhaps it might work well as an end-of-the-year review exercise.} Along with numeral recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and counting, students are introduced to/practice using...

  • Number words. Included in the download are sets of traceable and regular number words for students to match and paste to the correct page. For younger learners, we suggest using the regular word cards since there's a lot going on with this activity already, but older/advanced learners will be thrilled with the extra numeral and number word printing practice element of the exercise.
  • Tally marks. For extra counting practice, students are invited to determine the number of tallies on each card and match them to the correct page.
  • Dots/Dice. Once again, for extra counting practice, your kiddos are urged to add the number of dots on each card, matching them to the appropriate page.

Since the booklets are quite generic, they can be tailored to fit any classroom theme. The above picture features a booklet used for a "Farm/Farm Animal Unit". Here's a closer look at two of the pages - one shows use of the traceable numerals and number cards and the other shows the regular cards...

Literacy and Math Preschool Printable

    Extended "My Counting Book" Activity!


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