Exploring Primary and Secondary Colors

Allison, blogger for Family Education, provides a hands-on activity that will help you as you teach your toddlers about primary and secondary colors.

Supplies You'll Need
- Paper plate
- Finger paint
- Kid's scissors
- Chenille stems
- Crayola washable markers Out of the primary colors, have your students pick their two favorites. There can only be three different color combinations (i.e. red and blue, red and yellow, blue and yellow). Squirt a small amount of paint onto their paper plates and invite them to explore the results of mixing the paint together.

Once the paint is dry, use scissors to cut a spiral onto the plate creating a snail. You'll need to trim the edges at the beginning of the spiral to make the head. Have your students decorate their snail with eyes, a mouth, and chenille stem antennae.

Color Mixing Snail! Mom's Parenting Blog by Allison McDonald - FamilyEducation