Elf Size Sorting

{As a new site, we're constantly searching for (and finding!) new resources, blogs, and websites that offer free printables for teachers, parents, childcare providers, and babysitters of preschoolers! One of our newest favorites is Musings of Me, a blog created and maintained by Michelle, a talented mother, teacher, and (currently) houseparent, who is on a quest to homeschool her 3-year-old. Here are a few of her winter designs that we found quite darling!}

preschool printable with small medium and large elf clip art
Photo Source: thoughtsofesme.blogspot.com

Elf Size Sorting

Not only are your preschoolers sure to love the adorable elf graphics of this printable, they'll practice two important early math skill - sorting and differentiating between small-, medium-, and large-sized objects. Additionally, because of it's very design (students place each elf cutout in its proper column), students gain exposure to creating charts and other data collection/organization tools!

Other Considerations

  • Extend the lesson to include the concept of graphs (visual representations of data) by creating a bar graph with the elf cutouts. Michelle provides six of each size so play around with the numbers discussing which "bar" has the most, least, same, etc.
  • Have your students use the elf cutouts to create interactive emergent readers - similar to the ones found in our previous post.

Reader Page Suggestions

  1. This is a small elf.
  2. This is a medium elf.
  3. This is a large elf.
  4. This elf is smaller than this elf.
  5. This elf is bigger than this elf.
  6. This elf is the same size as this elf.

However you decide to use this awesome printable, your kiddos are sure to have a ball! Be sure to visit Musings of Me for the download and other great printables!

Happy Sorting!