Elf Bowling!

With winter (and snow!) on its way, on those days when playing outside isn't possible, it's nice to have a "back-up list" of activities and games that can be hauled out when your students get antsy and need to get some of their "wiggles" out! Here's a fun elf bowling game designed by Ellen at The Long Thread!

A few alternatives...

Ellen's design calls for a 36" dowel rod (1" wide) and the use of a saw and miter box. If you don't feel comfortable using tools (or don't like the idea of using wooden pins and a wooden ball), you could also make this craft with several plastic candy cane shaped candy holders! Just take the curved lid off the top - fill the container with sugar or another dense (but not too heavy!) material - and seal it back up with colored electrical or duct tape! Then, instead of using a wooden craft ball, you could use a plastic or rubber ball for the activity.

Also, if sewing the elves doesn't sound quite up your alley, consider creating the bowling pin characters from Wonderfoam® sheets. Using this Craft Elf magnet craft as a guide, cut and assemble your elf cutouts, gluing them onto your plastic candy containers or dowel rod. You might also consider adding other characters - Frosty, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, a Christmas tree, or any other Christmas icons. These bowling pins are super simple, still give a homemade feel, and best of all (for those of us who aren't Martha Stewart), don't require a needle and thread!

With these few adjustments, you'll come away with a fun winter game that your students will love - and a little less work along the way!

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