Effectively Utilizing Self-Evaluation

Self-Assessment Classroom Management Strategy for Teachers
Photo Source: ateacherswonderland.blogspot.com

Do you find it difficult to get your students to tell you if they don't understand something or need extra help? It's important to encourage your students to continually evaluate their progress; of course, it doesn't help if you are not privy to the information. These self-assessment flip books created by Ronnie over at A Teachers Wonderland not only offer a great tool to help your students think critically about their progress, they'll also help you keep track of where your students are as well!

Here's how it works...

Students are invited to analyze their learning and rate themselves on a scale from 1 to 4; one being "I'm stuck and need help!" and four being "I understand and could teach a friend!". Each number on the scale correlates with a different colored page in the flip book (so it's easy for you to quickly glance from desk to desk and anticipate where you'll be needed most) and, kept in the corner of their desk, students are encouraged to independently flip to the appropriate page after a new concept has been introduced.

For a bit more about Ronnie's philosophy and more pictures of the flip book, be sure to visit A Teachers Wonderland!

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