Easter Themed Printables from All Kids Network

Attempting to set up your classroom centers for Easter? Consider using some of the fantastic Easter themed printables from All Kids Network. They offer selections perfect for your writing center, math center, and more! Here's a sneak peek...

Spring Easter Math Counting Preschool Printable
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Easter Counting Worksheets

Provide your preschoolers with some holiday counting practice using this festive series of worksheets. Practice is provided in several formats:

  1. Students are given a group of items to count and asked to script the correct numeral in the space provided.
  2. Students are given a group of items and a specific numeral and invited to count and circle the correct number of objects.
  3. Students are provided with a group of objects and a series of numbers and invited to count the items and circle the correct numeral.
Spring Easter Opposites Same and Different Preschool Worksheet
Photo Source: http://www.allkidsnetwork.com

Easter Same/Different Worksheets

Strengthen your kiddos' ability to differentiate between like and unlike objects with the selection of same/different printables. There are two worksheets in the set - the first one invites your preschoolers to identify the objects that match the focus item, while the second printable provides students with a group of items through which to sort and identify the object that does not match.

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