Easter Themed Math Printables from Busy Bee Kids Printables

Busy Bee Kids Printables is a great place to look if you're in need of Easter themed math center printables. They offer a fantastic selection of numbers and counting worksheets, as well as printables focused on simple addition and subtraction skills. Here are a few of our favorites!

Spring Easter Egg Math Counting Preschool Printable
Photo Source: http://www.busybeekidsprintables.com

Easter Egg Counting Fill-In

Your preschoolers are sure to love this simple {colorful!} Easter egg puzzle! In order to "help" all the eggs reach the basket, students are charged with the task of filling in the blanks with the appropriate numbers. Not only will your kiddos practice counting and strengthen number recognition skills, they'll also get a little printing practice as they properly script numerals. Busy Bee offers two fill-in puzzle; in the first, students practice the counting sequence one through fifteen and in the second, your students will skip-count from two to thirty {by 2's, of course!}. When finished with the printables, consider cutting out the numbered eggs to create a counting emergent reader or to use for sequencing practice!

Spring Easter Math Addition Preschool Printable
Photo Source: http://www.busybeekidsprintables.com

Easter Addition

Busy Bee offers a menagerie of simple worksheets to help introduce your preschoolers to the concept of addition. There are several formats to choose from, providing your kiddos with multiple ways to explore {or even review} this new idea.

  1. Horizontal Count & Add. These worksheets provide both single and double digit practice {for increased complexity}, and present the addition equation horizontally across the page.
  2. Vertical Count & Add. Only for practice with numbers one through nine, the worksheet offers a vertical representation of the addition fact.
  3. Color, Count, & Add. Instead of grouping the correct number of objects and placing them next to their proper numeral in the addition fact {for students to use as a guide in solving the problem}, these worksheets are more complex - inviting students to assign a color to each number {before and after the plus sign}, then count and color the appropriate number of items for each.

While the selection isn't as vast, Busy Bee also offers simple subtraction worksheets so be sure to visit the site for all their Easter themed downloads!