Easter Themed Counting Game

Easter baskets. Eggs. Candy. The Easter bunny. There are so many fun opportunities for classroom decorations, activities, and games during the Easter holiday. Artists Helping Children blog contributor, Sharon David, provides many ideas including this Easter themed counting game for your preschoolers. Supplies You'll Need
- Construction paper in various colors
- Broad, stiff ribbon
- Craft glue
- Tape
- Kids scissors
- Markers
- Ruler
- Easter themed erasers or candy

Following the directions provided Davis, have your students create their own Easter baskets. Divide students into groups of five or six and assign each group member a number (1 through 5 or 6, of course). Use a permanent marker to write these numbers on the side of their baskets, then provide each group with at least 21 erasers or candy pieces. Encourage group members to count out the proper number of erasers that match the number on the side of the basket. This craft and activity promotes fine motor skills, number recognition, and counting skills.

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